Organising Productive Workshops - Work together to achieve your goals

To be successful, workshops need to be planned carefully and explained clearly. Good workshops start long before you get people together in a room. They start with a list of goals, an agenda, and clear communication to the attendees. While this does not guarantee success, it does set a solid foundation for how you want things to Senongo Akpem. Take a look back at the goals you listed, and think about what activities you need to do in your workshop to achieve them. Try to organize these activities into distinct chunks of your workshop. Assign a rough time estimate to each section, and as you plan out more of the details, you can go back and adjust the length of your workshop as needed. January 13, • Achieve Your Goals, Bullet Journal. How to Organize Your Goals + Get Things Done! I don’t know about you, but I just love this time of year! The new year is a time to set and organize your goals for the year ahead. All over the web, people are talking about setting goals for ...

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