Les Conquistadors

7/24/ · In Mexico, conquistadors found great golden treasures, including great discs of gold, masks, jewelry, and even gold dust and bars. In Peru, Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro (–) demanded that the Incan Emperor Atahualpa (ca. –) fill up a large room once with gold and twice with silver in exchange for his freedom. The emperor complied, but the Spanish killed him anyway. 8/10/ · However, the conquistadors were far more interested in gold and loot. The Aztecs and Inca Empires were rich in gold, silver, precious stones, and other things the Spanish found less valuable, like brilliant clothes made of bird feathers. Conquistadors who participated in any successful campaign were given shares based on many factors. conquistador definition: 1. one of the Spanish people who travelled to America in the 16th century and took control of. Learn more. ...

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En une soixantaine d'années (entre , date du premier voyage de Christophe Colomb, et , l'année où Philippe II succède à Charles Quint), l'essentiel. Ce sont les conquistadors. Il y a Cortès, le conquistador du Mexique, Balboa qui découvre le Pacifique, Pizarre et ses frères qui aboutissent au Pérou, Valdivia qui. On appelle conquistadors (en espagnol conquistador signifie «conquérant») les Espagnols (et certains portugais) qui au XVI siècle ont conquis des territoires..